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The history of CryptoPunks began back in 2017 when Larva Labs launched the first NFT marketplace on the Ether network containing 10,000 pixel punks. At the time, the prices for them used to vary from $ 1 to $ 30. The screenshot below shows the current minimum price for punk on this platform. It is 87.98 ETH ($ 300,274.86 USD).

Earlier this year, a similar platform was launched on the Binance network. We filtered all the Punks for sale on this platform by price ascending. The screenshot shows that the prices on this platform start at about 1 BNB.

The team did not stay away from the trend for NFT punks and developed their own version of the platform –
The platform interacts with the Tonwallet and Crystal wallet extensions. Follow the instructions in the video to register on the platform using one of the extensions.

Right after registration, you will be able to mint your own punk. The cost of minting one NFT is 200 TON + a minor network fee. The appearance of each punk is created in the order established in the smart contract, i.e. the user cannot customize it by himself.
The platform has a referral system that works according to the classic scheme: if a user came to the site via your referral link and bought an NFT punk, you receive a small commission. The logic of the referral program is defined in the smart contract, therefore, the reward will be credited immediately to your wallet without the need to withdraw funds from the platform.

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