Interview with Olga Zvagolskaya about her NFT Marketplace

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We spoke to Olga Zvagolskaya, who took 5th place in the NFT Marketplace contest with the project

Today Olga and her team are working on a new project connected to NFT- 

She kindly answered some questions about the new project, its features, and the plans for the future.

Question: Why did you decide to rebrand from “BlueBumblebee” to “”?

Answer: Since we entered into partnership agreements with serious institutions, such as national museums, we considered the brand “BlueBumblebee” unsuitable. In addition, we wanted to strengthen the connection of our art space Third Place with our NFT marketplace, showing that it is possible to install all objects minted in the marketplace in the Third Place art space, as well as store them there.

Question: You are one of the winners of the NFT Marketplace contest. How do you develop your project and what are your plans for the future? 

 Answer: Today the project is at the final dev stage. We plan to launch it on the mainnet in August. But first of all it is important to start special projects in collaboration with museums – restoration donations for masterpieces and fractional ownership. 

Question: What are your global plans for the promotion of your marketplace? Are there any we haven’t heard of before? 

Answer: We have global plans because soon we will launch fractional ownership of old masters Art, impressionists and also modern art and collective investment in it with the subsequent import of cultural values into the Russian Federation. We are sure we can make the greatest personal collection in the world. 

Question: The True NFT solution has appeared lately. Are you going to integrate it to your marketplace? 

 Answer: It is already realized in by a great team of ITGOLD.IO and Alexander Alekseev personally. 

Question: Do you plan to hold some contest, event, or airdrop for the early-birds users of your marketplace? 

Answer: Certainly there will be some special things for first users. 

Question: Is your marketplace going to deal only with art NFT because you own a gallery? 

Answer: Yes, marketplace specializes in Art. It will work mainly with real-life art objects: contemporary, modern, impressionists, or also old masters. It also supports digital art but has less accent. 

Question: Can your marketplace interact with other marketplaces, i.e. is it possible to sell an NFT created on your platform at some other platform?

Answer: Yes, this function is supported, because we use the TrueNFT standard. 

Question: We know that you own a Gallery in Saint-Petersburg. Do you plan to add the works represented in the gallery to your marketplace as NFT tokens? 

Answer: In Saint-Petersburg, we have an Artspace, where Art is integrated everywhere. The concept of the Third Place project is the integration of Art into the residents’ rooms: this supports our mission of producing the evolution of just a decor item – to an object of Art and to a masterpiece. Absolutely, only Art tested by Time can go through such evolution and become a masterpiece. Next to art objects, we will put up signs with QR codes (and/or) embed NFC secure cards inside of art objects which will lead to Art objects can be sold but left in space, so you can scan QR codes and see how the owners change. It also can be left in Third Place space with “not for sale” (if the user wants). Then, if he is ready to sell, open an auction. So this is a good deal when you don’t want to move your art object into your flat or house, or you just want everybody to know that You are the Owner of this. In both cases, you can leave it in Third Place. There is also an option to put your art object on sale directly into the Third Place space. Since our marketplace mainly works with real-world objects, we plan to actively use the space in order to promote objects. Digital art will be translated on our huge screen in the main Yard with QR codes leading to the

Question: In your opinion, when will the marketplace bring you income? 

Answer: It depends on many factors, but not in the next 2 years.


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