The first NFT in FreeTON was added to an aggregator

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WaifusTON is an NFT collectible and marketplace. These are 2048 unique anime characters, each created by a neural network!

While they are not all distributed yet, any user can get a random waifu for a small fee at

How to get started?

  1. Go to the site and click “Create new account”.
  2. After creating an account you will need to transfer some funds on it for wallet deployment and payment for blockchain fee.
  3. Then you can choose your first waifu. You can buy it at the price mentioned on the page or make a bid. If you are bidding, your funds will be locked until the Owner accepts your bid. Once you change your mind, you can withdraw your bid at any time. Each waif has its auction history displayed on the page.


The basic principles of CryptoWaifus:

The PubKey is like your username. All tokens are not bound to your address, but to a public key, so Public key is your main identifier in the service.

The Secret key is like your password. All transactions are signed with a secret key. So a bundle of public-private keys is similar to the username-password combination in regular services. But here everything is stored in the blockchain, and if you lose the secret key, you will not be able to restore access to your account.

Wallet. The wallet address is used to top up the balance from any TON wallet (ex: or extraton).

This wallet is used to pay for any actions in WaifusTON. You can withdraw funds from it to any other wallet at any time.

Minting new waifus. If not all NFT tokens have been distributed yet, then any user can “mint” a new one for a small fee.

We have set up a dynamic commission setting for minting tokens. This means that the more tokens are already distributed, the more expensive it will be to mint new ones:


  • 0-256 waifus — 10 💎
  • 257-512 waifus — 20 💎
  • 513-1024 waifus — 40 💎


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