Route 7S – An interactive blockchain story

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“…You step onto the bus, counting the loose change in your sweaty palm as you climb the steps.
You look up.
This isn’t your usual bus driver.”


A) Pay and ride anyway.
B) Get off.


Ben Sunderland has published a very interesting project on TON Seed. It is a deBot-based game (a quest) with a spider diagram. Once completed, it will be a great adventure, an awesome game, a unique use case, a bit of fun, and the pride of a world first.

The entire game will be on Free TON and will be the next Bandersnatch.

This is what the author says about the game:

My project is heavily influenced by the Black Mirror interactive movie, Bandersnatch, which itself, is based upon old text adventure games, which were based on choose-your-own-adventure books! We sort of come full circle. There will be 7 possible ‘endings’, and the first adventurers to complete the various paths will be awarded a rare NFT, designed to represent the seven deadly sins, and are being made by artist Dionne Amy Edwards, so they will be very worth owning in the future I think.

The idea is still at concept stage, but the interest in it has been pretty phenomenal already, so hopefully development will start to roll soon and we can get an MVP together in record time!

If you want to support the project, follow the link to TON Seed!

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