The Top 5 Winners of the First Crypto Numiz Contest

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The jury votes for the first contest held by the private Crypto Numiz SG “Commemorative 1-Year Free TON Anniversary Numiz ” were finalized and now we have the winners!


The reverse of every NFT coin is not visible to anyone but its owner. It may contain an image, a video, some music, or any other piece of information. 


The first place with an average score of 10 out of ten goes to Emmanuel Flippo (Submission #4). The victory brought the author 914,82 TON. 

The judges found his Numi design breathtaking, emotional. They admitted that it is the work of an established artist.


The second place goes to ArtLab by Dmitry Trekhsvyatsky and Artem Mirolevich, submission #105 (9,17 points out of 10). The runners-up received 788,27 TON.

The jurors liked the design, they said it was neat and had a unique style. 

As for the editor’s opinion, it looks like a superhero’s emblem. Free TON – is an undoubtful superhero among all the blockchain projects!


The third place with an average score of 8,83 out of 10 goes to Anesthesia (Submission #56). The bronze winner received 736,43 TON.

 The jurors were admired by the concept of this work, it is very creative. You could look at it for a long time and find new features.


The fourth place with an average score of  8,67 out of 10 goes to encipher (Submission #93). The prize is 712,03 TON.

The jurors found it cool that there was the word “freeton” encoded in the binary code. TON.Labs members in cartoonish graphics are really easy to recognize.


The fifth-place goes to Igor Vishnyakov with a total score of 8,63. The prize is 705,94 TON.

The jurors said the author clearly captured the idea of global decentralization. The design shows both privacy and anonymity working together in one.


Besides the prize payouts, all the contest winners will receive 1 CNZ (Crypto Numiz SG Coin) worth 100 TON as soon as it is released.

In addition, if and when the coins are sold at the CryptoNumiz auction on the network, the authors will receive payment as well. There is another – potentially endless source of financial reward – every time an artifact is resold through the CryptoNumiz smart contract.

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  • Beautiful works of talented people!

    Eugene June 30, 2021 8:21 am Reply
  • The fourth place is the best for me) Dunno why the 1st place was considered the best.

    Roman June 30, 2021 8:23 am Reply

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