NFT Marketplace Contest Winners

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Hello, friends! The voting for the NFT Marketplace Contest has just ended and we come up with the review of the winning submissions.

1st place

Submission #13: GrandBazar (

Prize: 150000 TON (will be distributed within six months in equal parts monthly).

Average points: 8.69

GrandBazar is a working solution with a user-friendly interface. Auctions don’t work yet, the authors says it will be done within a couple days. The Jurors noted that the site has a stylish design of the site. The registration on the site is available through Google or Github.

2nd place 

Submission #8: NiFi.Club (

Prize: 120000 TON (will be distributed within six months in equal parts monthly).

Average points: 7.73

The Jurors noted that the site has a nice interface and its token trasfer mechanics is thought out. Unfortunately, most of the jurors admitted that the registration is stricted only to ExtraTon. It would be nice to add other ways of registration. Also the design of some pages doesn’t fit the screen.

3rd place 

Submission #9: Tonium (

Prize: 100000 TON (will be distributed within six months in equal parts monthly).

Average points: 7.50

The jurors admitted that this submission has a good business model and whitepaper. Although no demo tokens were added to the marketplace so that the jurors could test it, the GitHub code shows that the work was done. The registration is available only through ExtraTon which is not good for the project.

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