What is CryptoNumiz SG?

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NFT tokens are on the hype now. Lots of influencers, projects, and companies release their own NFTs. Free TON is not an exception but as usual, freetoners go a step further than others. 


A group of Free TON initial members and NFT enthusiasts set up a private CryptoNumiz SG. The SubGovernance will have its own coin – CNZ worth 100 TON, their own platform with the auction mechanics where Numiz will be sold – http://www.cryptonumiz.com/.

Crypto Numiz SG will not request tokens from the community. All the contests’ prizes, as well as all the technical solutions, will be paid from the SG members’ own funds.


Ron Millow, one of the initiators of the forming of the CryptoNumiz SG said that the current NFT marketplaces are centralized and can be shut down if the owner doesn’t pay for hosting or just decides to close down the site. If it happens, the owner loses his NFT because all he owns is a link to a piece of data stored on a server. 


CryptoNumies platform will work in a different way. In Free TON there is decentralized storage – DeNS. Users can interact with the storage via easy-to-use DeBots. As a result, a safe and totally decentralized platform will be created on the Free TON blockchain where NFT tokens will be stored permanently without even a tiny risk of being deleted. 


Numiz are as authentic and rare as physical coins, but much more difficult to compromise. They cannot be duplicated or tampered with, and the heads and tails concept adds a second layer of authentication to the pre-existing cryptography inherent in NFT.


Only one side of the Numi is visible to the public. The other side is only for the owner. The most interesting thing is that the side that others do not see can be images, animation, music, even a movie or a rock concert. The decision remains with the creator. This invisibility and personalization mean an additional level of security to protect against possible counterfeiting; transforms what would otherwise be just a coin into an event, the limit of which is only imagination. This raises the collectible ratio to a level unattainable in the physical world. So it is much more than just a collectible coin.

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