Free TON NFT SubGovernance

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The mission of Free TON NFT Subgovernance is to assist the community in the development of the worlds’ best infrastructure on Free TON, to leverage NFT related technologies, create an open vibrant NFT ecosystem and promote it globally

The goals of this Sub-governance are as follows:

  • Stimulate the creation of infrastructure for Free TON NFTs that would attract the world’s best software developers, artists, collectors, and other ecosystem participants leverage NFT technology to incentivize new partnerships, bringing real-life use cases, adoption, and user base.
  • Bring new influencers to the project from the NFT space that would promote Free TON technology.
  • Support standardization of Free TON NFTs: both initial specification and further additional updates support inventors of any possible NFT use-cases, (e. g. on-chain variants of standards known as GTIN, ISBN)
  • Support transition of NFT-related developers, teams, companies, users, and liquidity from other blockchain ecosystems into FT

Main Tasks

  • Form a strong jury capable of judging contests
  • Attract new partners and hold joint events in order to promote NFT on FT.
  • Create Twitter and Discord accounts in which all the NFT FT events and news will be highlighted.
  • Elaborate and launch joint use cases with partners.
  • Create Airdrops for NFT tokens (in collaboration with similar services and projects).
  • Create an affiliate system in order to reward the community members who attract new partners; hold joint advertising campaigns in order to popularize NFT FT.
  • The promotion of Free TON NFT marketplaces: advertising campaigns, events, contests.
  • Develop the ambassador movement in order to promote NFT tokens (separate in each country).
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